The FDA ANNOUNCEMENT: “The FDA is reminding health care providers that using thermoregulation devices during surgery, including forced air thermoregulating systems, have been demonstrated to result in less bleeding, faster recovery times, and decreased risk of infection for patients.”   BCG MEDICAL ANNOUNCEMENTS:
  1. BCG Medical Opt-Shield™ AIR with Forced Air Warming is now FDA-Cleared.
  2. A recent study published in the AORN JOURNAL showed the Opt-Shield LITHOTOMY as an effective PASSIVE WARMING to supplement active warming in Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy/Hysterectomy.
The study showed that Opt-shield patients, compared with patients draped in linen, were much warmer at the end of surgeryFoam pads for the arms and ulnar area and multiple layers of fabric insulate patients’ limbs, reducing heat loss.  Opt-Shield patients rapidly gain heat and maintain normothermia. Opt-shield patients also saved about 7 minutes in prep and positioning time. (OR cost averages $62 per minute).

One thought on “The FDA ANNOUNCEMENT

  1. Brandon Giap says:

    It’s wonderful that the FDA has finally stepped in to confirm the huge benefit of Forced Air Warming technology to consistently keep the patient warm which provides so many benefits to the surgical patients.

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