Opt-Shield™ Air Trendelenburg

Our Solution provides standardization for patient safety and warmth...

...in One

Key Features:

  • Patient positioning, Upper Torso Support System (up to 400#)   
  • Total body warming (54% body surface area)
  • Arm securement for easy IV’s and line access
  • OR table protection

Key Features of Opt-Shield™ Air Trendelenburg

  • Upper Torso Padding System
    For exceptional patient stability, the Opt-Shield Air Trendelenburg boasts a patented and engineered upper torso padding system. This unique system offers a substantial padding that custom-fits the upper torso, distributing the patient's weight evenly, which serves multiple crucial purposes including minimizing pressure points, neutralizing brachial plexuses, and securing support and skin protection.
  • Double-Layer Underbody Pad
    Unlike other flimsy underbody pads, our Opt-Shield™ Air Trendelenburg comes equipped with a double-layer underbody pad, providing exceptional support and stability for patients in the Trendelenburg position. This innovative and proprietary feature ensures enhanced comfort and minimizes the risk of patient sliding or repositioning during surgery, allowing surgeons and healthcare providers to focus on delivering precisely planned robotic-assisted procedures.
  • Arm Pads
    Opt-Shield™ Air Trendelenburg is designed with double-layer arm pads with easy access to patient’s IV lines that offer gentle cushioning, support for the patient's arms, this thoughtful and proprietary inclusion minimizes pressure points on nerves and skin, promotes neutral position and reduces the likelihood of strain or discomfort during extended robotic-assisted surgeries.
  • OR Table Protection
    Opt-Shield™ Air Trendelenburg goes beyond securing the patient by also safeguarding the operating room table. Our positioning drape features built-in OR table protection, shielding the table surface from potential damage caused by equipment movement, surgical tools, or fluids.
  • Total Body Forced-Air Warming
    Opt-Shield™ Air Trendelenburg stands out from the competition with its unparalleled total body forced-air warming system. This advanced technology covers and warms more than 50% of the patient's body surface area, surpassing the standard coverage offered by other products on the market which is typically limited to 10%.

Instructional video

Custom-fit support for upper torso and whole shoulder (Trapezius muscles and shoulder cuffs are held together).
– Stabilizes patient in lateral tilt.

ACTIVE WARMING (included) to keep the patient warm

Pre-assembled: easy set-up and quick turn-over

Complete package with underbody and arm pads

Secured to the OR table with Velcro

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With over 20,000 successful cases across multiple institutions, our comprehensive positioning drape has consistently delivered exceptional results:

  • ZERO sliding
  • ZERO brachial plexus injury
  • ZERO skin shearing injury
  • MOST patients are clinically warm

Helps keep your patient SAFE and WARM.

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