Comprehensive Positioning Drape with Warming,
Robotic-Assisted Surgery, provides:

- Double-layer underbody pad
- Arm pads
- Total shoulder pad, double layer
- OR table protection
- Total body forced-air warming (covers and warms more than 54% body surface area, others only cover 10%)

Instructional video

Custom-fit support for upper torso and whole shoulder (Trapezius muscles and shoulder cuffs are held together).
– Stabilizes patient in lateral tilt.

ACTIVE WARMING (included) to keep the patient warm

Pre-assembled: easy set-up and quick turn-over

Complete package with underbody and arm pads

Secured to the OR table with Velcro

Opt-Shield Air TRENDELENBURG advantages

More than 6000 cases at multiple institutions using Opt-Shield Air TRENDELENBURG with the following results:

  • ZERO sliding
  • ZERO brachial plexus injury
  • ZERO skin shearing injury
  • MOST patients are clinically warm

Helps keep your patient SAFE and WARM.