Opt-Shield Air SUPINE for Cardiac Surgery:

Opt-Shield Air TRENDELENBURG for Robotic-Assisted Surgery:

How Opt-Shield Helps Improve Efficiency (Timesaving)


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We specialize in surgical positioning drape kits with forced-air warming.

Standardization with the Opt-Shield drape in patient positioning can result in a more predictable outcome.

For TRENDELENBURG positioning in Robotic-Assisted Surgery:

  • The surgical patient in robotic-assisted surgery in Trendelenburg position, is at risk of many injuries including nerve/skin injury, falling, and sliding.
  • The operating room can be cold and austere to the patient.  Cold patients have more bleeding, higher risk of infection, longer wake up time and longer hospital stay
  • Patient positioning for surgery is labor-intensive. Lack of standardization can compromise the workflow in surgery and increase stress among staff. 

Let BCG MEDICAL’s Opt-Shield with forced-air waming drapes hеlр keep your patient warm, safeguard both patients and ѕtаff while аt thе same time increasing your ease оf performance during critical surgical procedures.  

We offer the Opt-Shield™ TRENDELENBURG,  a Comprehensive Patient Positioning Drape Kit with Forced-Air Warming for Trendelenburg in Robotic-assisted surgery to safely secure the patient to the OR table during surgery and to keep them warm, an important objective of ERAS (Eearly Recovery After Surgery).

The Opt-Shield drape has been used in over 3,000 cases in Trendelenburg and there has been:

  • ZERO sliding during surgery
  • ZERO brachial plexus injury post-op
  • ZERO skin shearing injury
  • Patients were kept clinically warm

For SUPINE positioning in Cardiac Surgery:

For cardiac and long surgery in supine position, we offer the Opt-Shield™ SUPINE drape with the following functions:
– Forced-air warming, underbody
– Arm pads for positioning
– Line organization
– OR table protection
– Patient lateral transfer

The Opt-Shield drape can be pre-warmed before patient is brought to the operating room.  Lying on the pre-warmed Opt-Shield drape can help keep the patient stay normo-thermic during surgery.

  • Normothermia reduces surgical wound infection and helps shorten hospitalization.

Hypothermic patient has a 3 times higher risk than a normothermic patient of developing a postoperative infection. (2)

  • The longer the patient stays hypothermic, the higher the risk of surgical infection in spine surgery. (3)
  • Other complications associated with HYPOTHERMIA: (4)

• Myocardial ischemia
• Prolonged drug effects
• Bleeding 
• Increased length of stay in the hospital
• Patient discomfort and dissatisfaction

Reynolds L, Beckmann J, Kurz A. Perioperative complications of hypothermia.

Best Pract Res Clin Anaesthesiol. 2008 Dec;22(4):645-57.), (5):

  • In terms of efficiency, the cost of the operating room time while the patient in the operating room is about $62 per MINUTE. (6), (7), (8)

AORN J. 2008 Feb;87(2):333-44. doi: 10.1016/j.aorn.2007.08.021.

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