Improve Patient Safety, Increase Efficiency And Save Hospital Costs

We are passionate about patient safety

Our mission is to develop surgical products that provide a comprehensive patient positioning solution that keep surgical patients SAFE and WARM.

  • Improve safety of patient and operating room staff.
  • Keep patient warm.
  • Improve the efficiency of hospital and OR staff.
  • Help reduce cross-contamination and infection.


Opt-Shield™ Supine for cardiac surgery

Opt-Shield™ Trendelenburg for Robotic-Assisted Surgery

Interview with Dr.Pamela Lee, Colorectal surgeon

Interview with Dr. Afshin Bahador, Gynecologic Oncology Surgeon

We currently offer two Opt-Shield drape models

Opt-Shield Supine for Cardiac Surgery:

SUPINE (for cardiac surgeries)

For open heart surgery and other long supine cases, we offer the Opt-Shield™ Air SUPINE package, comprehensive patient positioning solution that features the following:

  • Forced Air Warming, total underbody , and built-in
  • Patient lateral transfer to reduce back injury
  • Arm-Positioning system to keep arms and lines secure
  • Patient's Lines Management System(keeps patient's lines organized and secured during surgery and transport
  • Or table protection (for quick turnover)

Opt-Shield™ Air Trendelenburg for Robotic-Assisted surgery

TRENDELENBURG(for robotic surgeries)

For robotic surgery, we offer the Opt-Shield™ AIR TRENDELENBURG Positioning Drape Kit with Forced-Air Warming for ROBOTIC-ASSIST SURGERY includes:

  • Underbody foam pad
  • Padded shoulder wrap system to minimizing Brachial Plexus injury by keeping the brachial plexuses neutral and unstretched
  • Built-in Forced-Air Warming, total body, to mitigate hypothermia risk
  • Arm Pads
  • Or table protection for quick turnover

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